Raptor Mobile : A new hybrid app for Raptor Logistic Software

ETI Technology has developed its own app for the control of all the logistics processes of Raptor Software. Our Raptor Mobile application is made to be used both in Smartphone with Android (Samsung, LG, etc), Apple platform (IPhone) and Windows Phone. You can also use our app on Tablet Android and IPad. The choice of one medium or another is at the discretion of the end customer, they can even mix different devices in a single company.
Our app is used in conjunction with the latest generation scanner, which minimizes errors or omissions in the handling of your load both in Pickup & Delivery and in Warehouse Management.

Features in Pickup & Delivery:

  • Small Package Receipt.
  • Scan and receive in warehouse Small Package from Imported Manifest.
  • Cargo Palletize.
  • Create with scanner pallet based in scanned boxes in Small Package Receipt.
  • Out For Delivery Scan.
  • Scan and process all order when delivery beginning and set Out For Delivery Status to the order.
  • Pickup & Delivery Tracking
  • It gives online tracking to all changes of the cargo from the moment it is collected to the final customer.
  • Take Photo for Damage and other Issues.
  • Cross Dock.
  • Separate the items from within a container or a truck and consolidate them for delivery to separate distributors.
  • Best Route.
  • Get the best route to deliver deliveries, optimizing time and costs

Features in Warehouse:

  • Cargo Allocation.
  • Locate each load that enters to the warehouse in its corresponding location and bin
  • Cargo Reallocation.
  • Re-locate the load inside the warehouse
  • NON Inventory. Movements.
  • Locate the load temporarily in the warehouse without being inventoried.
  • Cargo Palletize.
  • Take Photo for Damage and other Issues.
  • Release Withdrawal.
  • Make and count through the scanner the load outputs of the warehouse
  • Location Check.
  • Check inventory in a certain bin of the warehouse
  • Find Tracking #.
  • Check the location of a load inside the warehouse

Common Features:

  • General Setting for App.
  • Login / Logout for Driver or User control.
  • Take Photo for Another Issues.
  • Messages Interchange.
  • Geo-Location

Technical Specification:

  • Hybrid application
  • Hybrid applications are web applications in the native browser, such as UIWebView in iOS and WebView in Android. Hybrid apps are developed using HTML, CSS and Javascript, and then wrapped in a native application using platforms like Cordova. This allows you to use any web-native framework you want, and there are plenty of these. The application development is faster, simpler, more rapid and the application is easier to maintain. You can change platforms anytime you need, Cordova lets you build your application for more than one platform just by one adding line of code. .
  • Angular Framework
  • Angular achieve the maximum speed possible on the Web Platform today, and take it further, via Web Workers and server-side rendering. Angular is one of a few JavaScript libraries that gives developers a style guide with guidelines on how to structure and build apps with the framework. Applications that must run in multiple environments benefit from the Angular framework.
  • Devextreme by DevExpress
  • HTML5 JavaScript Component Suite for Responsive Web Development. DevExtreme is exactly what you need to create responsive web apps for touch devices and traditional desktops: data grid, interactive charts, data editors, navigation and multi-purpose widgets that are designed to look great and provide powerful functionality in any browser.

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