The most complete software for pickup & delivery process.

RTW Pickup & Delivery Module allows to control the entire pickup and delivery process from the load collection until its delivery to the final customer. All the daily operations as well as the necessary documentation for its realization are carried out in an automated way. For each operation carried out, all associated charges are generated automatically.

RTW provides an on-line tracking of each movement of the load, it allows to optimize the times used by its drivers in the loads delivery, minimize operation costs and to avoid losses and errors in the handling of the load.

Among the main feature that you can control with the RTW Pickup & Delivery module are:

  • Small Packages:
  • Same-day delivery. All packages are scanned so that you can track your shipment online from point of shipping to point of delivery.
  • Less-Than-Truckload/Truckload: 
  • Same-day and on-demand delivery service, and next-day delivery.
  • Container Load/Less-Than-Container Load:
  • Containers can be delivered straight to the customer, directed to your facility for unloading, palletizing and labeling, or held for FDA review, warehousing and/or distribution.
  • Cross-Dock Operations:
  • Through our cross-dock operations, You  can separate your items from within a container or a truck and consolidate them for delivery to separate distributors reducing storage costs and handling of inventory. You can develop truck-load plans, which give you a schematic of the truck, detailing exactly where your merchandise is located on it.
  • Manifesting,
  • Import manifests from other systems to generate orders automatically.
  • Proof of Delivery.
  • With the new Raptor Mobile App you can obtain the signature of the final client in real time at the delivery moment.
  • Automatic Bill and Cost Calculation.
  • Automatic calculation of all bill and cost based on previously introduced rates.
  • Drivers Control.
  • Assignment of Drivers to the orders, calculation of costs by driver, log of movements driver.
  • Scan and Files Attachments.
  • In each order you can scan and attach any paper information associated with the order.
  • Reports.
  • Generation of forms, labels, documentation, dynamic reports, dasboard, etc. Our reporter has the ability to customize each of the reports, generate new reports by the customer, accommodate their reports to the specific needs of each customer.
  • Web Integration.
  • All the movements and reports generated by the PD module can be visualized and monitored via web. An app is additionally provided to track these movements from mobile devices.
  • Exports to other accounting systems.
  • Export to Quickbook / Peachtree or other systems of all accounting generated by Raptor PD.
  • Notifications.
  • Automatic notifications to customers via email or text messages.
Pickup & Delivery Module in Action