ETI Technology At A Glance


We do not desire you to think what is best for you. We already know what it is and we will do everything to help you.


We have the quality and experience you have been looking for. We will use the technology to improve your business.

We are a Software’s Company located in Miami Florida, we have a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to the development of projects that generate immediate results to our customers. We are mainly dedicated to the creation of Logistic Software Suite that include:

Pickup & Delivery Module

The must complete software for pickup & delivery process. Raptor PD allows to control the entire pickup and delivery process from the load collection until its delivery to the final customer.

Warehouse Managements

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Android & IPhone App

A new hybrid app for Raptor Logistic Software. ETI Technology has developed its own app for the control of all the logistics processes of Raptor Software.

Other Services

  • Best Route for optimal route in delivery.
  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Track and trace parcel.
  • Accounting Bridge.
  • CRM Implantation

Our Customers

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